Weekly Jackpot
Grand Jackpot
Beginners Jackpot
High Roller Jackpot (Currently Disabled)
The Beginner Jackpot: If you are new to the CS GO scene, or new to the CS GO Skin betting scene, then this is where you should go. If you're not ready to bet your most prized possession, then we recommend you start out here. The Beginner Jackpot has very simple rules, and very low starting bets. If you have a few skins you don't necessarily love or want, give it a chance. You might win with just a few dollars!

  • *Maximum deposit of 15 skins per player
  • *Minimum entry bid of $0.01
  • *Maximum entry bid of $15.00
  • *Spins once 75 skins are deposited
Enter Room
The High Roller Jackpot: For people looking for a huge adrenaline rush. This is where you can win big! If you have some duplicate skins worth some serious money, or a skin that you're willing to bet because you're feeling extra lucky, this is where you want to be. The High Roller Jackpot is where you're going to see some of the really rare and valuable skins. It has very simple rules, but a pretty high minimum bet. If you like high risk, high reward, come play here!

  • *Maximum deposit of 20 skins per player
  • *Minimum entry bid of $10
  • *No maximum entry bid
  • *Spins once 80 skins are deposited
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Item-Specific Jackpot (Currently Disabled)
Showdown Jackpot (Currently Disabled)
Item Specific Jackpot: If you're looking for something very specific, odds are this is where you'll find it. This jackpot was made for the players who have some items in mind but have a hard time finding them. If you play our other games (jackpots), odds are you see some items a lot more often than others. If you're looking for some knife skins, or some AWP skins, you should look here first. This Jackpot has very simple rules and all you have to bet, is what the pot is asking for!

  • *Only deposit the accepted item(s)
  • *Maximum deposit of 10 skins per player
  • *Minimum entry bid $5
  • *No Maximum entry bid
  • *Spins once 50 skins are deposited
Showdown Jackpot: This is more or less a one versus one jackpot. It will have 50/50 odds at the start of the game, but the odds will tilt depending who puts more in, but only by 1%. You and the other player will be asked to be between a certain amount. For an example, $30.00-$40.00 If you place a $30.00 bet, and your opponent places a $40.00 bet, he will be slightly favored. This is more of a high paced game where the odds are a lot more fair and equal. If you're looking for more of a medium sized jackpot, and favorable odds, come play here. Very fun and simple!

  • *Maximum deposit of 10 skins per player
  • *Minimum entry bid of $5
  • *No Maximum entry bid
  • *Match bet of other player
  • *Spins after both players have successfully deposited